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Training Mode

PVE Mode



BitCastleWar Token (BCW) is developed on Binance Smart Chain Network which is a secure, fast, and incredibly low-cost network where you may take part in different game modes like Farm, PVE, PVP, Boss, Bet etc. Furthermore, BCW is part of the ecosystem including Defi and Gamefi.


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Training Mode

In this mode, you need to own at least 1 hero and maximum 10 heroes to farm monsters, to earn BitCastleWar Token (BCW). Each hero in this mode will have its unique strength, you need to form an efficient team based on their stats and skills to kill more monsters and get more rewards.

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PVE Mode

In this mode, you can play solo or join a party with other players to find and kill monsters and boss. You will have chances to get exclusive equipment to upgrade your heroes. The stronger your heroes are, the more monsters they can kill and the more rewards you can get.

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PVP Mode

In this mode, you can play against other players or join a team to play against other teams. If you or your team win the match, you and your team will get rewards. Your heroes will need to learn skills and be upgraded to have a higher chance of winning the battle.

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Arena Mode

In this mode, you can join or watch dramatic matches, and support your favorite team or individuals by sending BCW tokens to support the team. If that team or individual wins the tournament, you will receive some amount of BCW tokens for your support. Expenses in this mode will be added directly to the Reward Pool

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Farm Mode

In this mode, you can grow crops to get food for your hero, which can be traded on the game's marketplace.

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  • Game ideas
  • Building developer team
  • Core game development
  • Pixel model building
  • Build gameplay
  • Build marketing plan


  • Building Community: Telegram, Twitter, Discord, Youtube, Tiktok, Twitch, Facebook
  • Launch website and whitepaper
  • Marketing
  • Game Development
  • Game Demo Training Mode and Pve Mode
  • Airdrop/Whitelist
  • Audit Smart Contract, KYC
  • Testnet v1.0


  • IDO
  • Presale box
  • Presale house
  • Marketplace for box release
  • Testnet v2
  • Training mode release
  • Roll skills/Upgrade skills
  • Boss mode release
  • Feed heroes
  • Fusion Heroes
  • Sell Land
  • Farm


  • Testnet PVE (Solo/Team)
  • Sell Equipment
  • Update new heroes
  • Update new skills
  • Update new houses
  • PVE release
  • Test PVP (Solo/Team)
  • Arena/Guild (league) testnet
  • Events


  • Update special heroes
  • Update special skills
  • Update special houses
  • Update special equipment
  • Release Android/IOS
  • Build Metaverse
  • More events

Founding Team/favicon/ms-icon-70x70.png

Daniel Tran
CEO, founder
Eddie Lee
CMO, Co-founder
Brian Nguyen
CTO, Co-founder

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Security Audit

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$BCW Contract Address: 0x7907d16318a2936c94a808c5e222a734d4ff8cbe